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KILLDRIFT Attractants and Cover Scents
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 by Patricia Carpenter
KillDrift is The BEST
State: Georgia

I’ve used KillDrift Come Get ‘Er a couple of times. Brings them in but was never able to get a shot. This morning I used it and got my first deer, a 6 pointer. I’m very happy. Thank you KillDrift. I’ll definitely be using this again and again.

 by Terry Williams
Personal best buck
State: Georgia

I purchased come get er. This stuff really works. I killed 2 bucks in one day using kill drift. One of them being my personal best buck. Shot him at 15 yards. I will be buying more.

 by Anthony Montgomery
Awesome Product
State: South Carolina

Great product, I was a little wary to try these. I decided I'd give them a shot and now I will not use anything else. Always used the Earth scent pads, but these are much much better. I use the calm em down and when they are no longer any good I toss them in with my clothes in a box and when I take my clothes out they smell just like them. I had 4 bucks come out about 10 yards from me and hang out for about 10 minutes and they never even batted an eye at me. Wonderful product.

 by Sidney
State: North Carolina

I just wanted to say I started out burning sweet corn… then switched to the scent calm em down and had 5 Bucks walk out in a matter of 30 minutes

 by Jordan Parry
Very pleased
State: Florida

Kill Drift amazed me from the time I got on the website to the time I received my package.My very first sit I saw 6 deer dead down wind of me and never even attempted to blow this small company has a lot in store and I will definitely be sending the message on to friends about them, when I ordered my package, it gave me a brief description on each and every scent. I received the package quite fast. When I opened my package up they also sent me samples of each Kill Drift scent pad! They also sent a “need to know” paper that told you all about them, from now on this company will have my business. Thank you Kill Drift!

 by James
State: Utah

Had the opportunity to use Killdrift while hunting elk in Utah. Great product! Best way to hide your scent while stalking. They never knew I was there till it was too late!

 by Grind Time Outdoors
Incredible Results
State: Wisconsin

It’s hard not to believe in this product when it’s never failed our crew and has allowed for more than 30-40 encounters with mature deer from 140”+ bucks down wind at 4 yards to 20+ doe from any which direction. It has allowed us to make those harder decisions and hunt those iffy winds! 10/10 recommend, as our crew will never leave hunt camp without it! There are multiple supplementary uses for these too!

 by Rick Wolfe
Double up early 8’s
State: Ga

My brother and I both hunted this morning using KillDrift calm we down. We both shot nice 8 pointer’s. Good start to the season. Deer also seem to be chasing and some of there necks are swollen. Cover dents had them within 25 yards and never new I was there.

 by Keith Stringer
True Believer
State: Mississippi

I’ve had numerous opportunities to witness the power of KILLDRIFT this season. Killed two mature ten points down wind of my location. Both were literally following their noses to my setup. This stuff is awesome!  (Mississippi)

 by Erin
State: GA

Used Killdrift in Mississippi saw several deer, they walked all around me and never knew I was there. Even got a nice 8 point, we will definitely be carrying Killdrift in our store!

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